And my second Colors! drawing

Gothstuck ladies of course uvu

My first 3DS drawing on the Colors! app

I didn’t understand layers on it yet hah :u

/shamelessly draws a ton of Homestuck

I doodled a Fef

Death of the Author

Whew, I finally finished! It took 5 days total and was done, as always, in MSPaint.

I was feeling upset about some things so I decided to draw Madoka being powerful and beautiful and shooting down anyone who is unkind to girls in the world.

Original size:

More color palettes, of course. I’m having fun drawing at work!

Another color palette thing because they’re fun to work with!

This one is for the sidebar on this blog

Now that I think of it, I never did post this one

A cute Lalonde from sometime in November

Messin around with color palettes.

Also probably gonna use it as an ugly icon for my personal blog!

Yay, it’s done!

Cute Inuit monster gals crushin on each other uvu