It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn with a tablet *o*


Original size:

Original Sizes:

I couldn’t decide which version I liked better so here’s both.

I drew Kirill because he’s trash and I like him a lot

A mermaid doodle I did on a Surface while WiFi was down at work

Original size: 

Commission for Carissa!

FR commission for UnforgivenSyns!

You can find my shop here, if you want to commission me *o* 




I’ll leave you all with something magical: A fuck-ton of idea-starters for those artist blocks. If you have no project in mind and wanna do something weirdly creative, here you go!

the link if you don’t wanna click through

(Source: doomy)

And my second Colors! drawing

Gothstuck ladies of course uvu

My first 3DS drawing on the Colors! app

I didn’t understand layers on it yet hah :u